Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our vacation

We cleaned the house for a week and took 2 15 passenger van loads of stuff to the dump. It is still not clean, but we can see the floors in a few rooms. If only we did not have so much stuff. :)

The laundry never seems to get done and put away on a consistent basis. I just wish the kids would put the clean laundrty that gets sent back to their rooms away and not throw it on the floor and ignore it. My girls have more clothes then they know what to do with, as evident by the mound of them on their bedroom floor. Ironically, they have nothing to wear.

Toys- Argh! My younger brother used to buy my sons any lego set he thought they would like. Thank heavens he is out of the military now and a poor college student. They only get small sets and not the hundreds of pieces sets they used to get. Only my 3 yr old daughter plays with most of the dolls now. Her big sister (12) was ready to strangle L after she gave most of the barbies haircuts. Most toys are now in the attic, as they were not picked up by their owners. I'll sort them this fall, when it gets cooler. Maybe I can give away the baby toys, finally?