Thursday, July 12, 2012

They are driving me crazy!

#4 decided to clean her room properly, as we found out the darn cat is pregnant when we took her in to get fixed tuesday. While pulling all the crud out of the closet, she knocked the large mirror that was in her closet on to her foot. It is supposed to be on her dresser, but the wooden brackets and screws to attach it were misplaced 6+ years ago when hubby and his family were cleaning out his parents house in Florida. I could have taken her to the ER, but hubby is not home and the kids are wired as they slept late today. I will call the dr in the am if she is still hurting. She has ice on her foot, took some aleve and is vegging on facebook, her usual occupation. :P

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's hot!

Thankfully we did not lose power last week, like so many others on the east coast. However, when it is already 97 degrees Fahrenheit at 10 am, it is too hot for me. If I get up really early tomorrow, like 6 am, I may be able to go to 7am Mass and still work in the garden for a few minutes. The weeds are over powering my very small garden (6 ft by 15 ft). The tomatoes and cucumbers seem to love the heat. The poor lettuce and carrots are not happy and the sweet peppers are not doing much. They are still about the same size they were when we planted them 3 weeks ago. :P