Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, how I love thee.

My stove died tuesday, the repair part that came wednesday was only part of the solution. I still need the temperature sensor from the oven replaced, as just the control panel/clock did not solve the problem, I still get the same error code from the stove, but the clock is not making crackling noises now.

So wednesday evening, I am trying to figure out how we will get everything cooked by thanksgiving afternoon. I could have taken everything to a friends house to cook, then carted it back to our house to eat. However, I remembered that Shelli, AKA Pyxiwulf on live journal, told me on facebook tuesday night, that she had an older electric stove in her basement I could have. They had not carted it away yet after replacing all the kitchen appliances. No problem, a call to her and 90 minutes later, we were at her house to pick it up. The stove works well, I'm still getting used to the flat top, as my old electric stove has the coil shaped exposed burners. After 7 hours of cooking Thanksgiving day, we were ready to sit down for dinner with a few friends and our 9 still at home. I did not make enough pies, though I made 10, as they were all gone by Friday afternoon, BOO! Of course, lunch Thanksgiving day was pies, rolls, whatever was already done or forage for leftovers. LOL

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been a crazy month. #4 we diagnosed with depression and spent some time in the hospital. Also, the repairs, renovations and painting on the house are taking too much time and money. The dishwasher died again and we need to find the receipt so the extended Costco warrantee will cover it. ARGH! At least my house and life are never boring. :)