Friday, July 19, 2013

Silly children

I bought material the other day to make my youngest 2 girls sundresses. I went to clear my laptop, monitor, etc off my work desk so I could sew and moved my 1 yr old sewing machine to the desk top. I then found someone had broken the jack where the foot pedal connects to the machine. I took it apart to see if I could jury rig something, but no dice. Since #8 kept distracting me, I could not remember where all the parts go back in. Singer said to send the machine to their nearest repair center, which is in Syracuse, NY. That is 400+ miles from from my house. I found the part online at The part was less than $15. They also had a parts list for the machine. I now have the breakdown of what goes where to repair it. If I get totally confused, the local repair man should be able to reassemble it. He has my 60+ year old machine we bought at the flea market a few years ago. I dropped it off so he could clean and adjust it. I should be able to sew next week, even if it is with the old machine. It's been so hot, maybe I should get the summer clothes out this weekend? I also have purchased all the parts a helpful child removed from my 12 yr old machine, except for the gameboy cartridge. I was bidding on one on ebay last week, but refused to bid over $30 with shipping. Anything over that makes it worth my while to sort the stuff I cleaned out of hubby's computer desk when we moved it from our room to the living room. I saw the cartridge then, but that was a year ago. :P