Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please tell me bad things come in 3's

2 weeks ago, in less than a 5 day period, the water heater broke and flooded the basement, # 10 ate many children's claritin,so as a precausion I took her to the ER and Hubby's car died. Car was not worth fixing, a major seal in the engine went and I was not going to put that much money in a 97 olds with 214,000+ miles on it. Hubby now has to drive my 2006 camry to work. It has 216,000 miles on it. I had to buy new tires for the 15 passenger van, so I could get the state inspection done and legally drive it. At least our basement is not finished. An hour with the shop vacs and running some fans and the dehumidifier for a few days and the basement was dry again. The plumber came over within 8 hours, and did the work on the side, saving us +$200. I give hubby 6 months before he wants to get another car. He likes the older gm 4 door 6 passenger sedans, as he has more room for his legs and is not cramped like he is in the Camry.