Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Silly Chevy Van

It must know the warrantee expires soon? I went to turn on the ac today and the fan only worked in the hi speed selection. I checked the heat and defrost also, same thing. Then I called the dealer. The Van has 33,848 miles on it and the warrantee expires in late May. Hubby will drop it off tomorrow afternoon when he gets home and they will fix it Thursday. Now, if I could find the 5 inch long L shaped piece of metal that locks the bench seat in on the passenger side. We took out the back 2 seats when we bought Anne's new bed and some one did not put it back into the floor. The dealer says they are $25 each. Argh!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ah, to be young and single again

One of my coworkers decided to buy a new 52 in flat screen lcd tv. So he gave us a 47 inch projection tv and a 27 in older tv, plus an entertainment center and a table. Sam walked into the living room after I had the big tv set up and figured out the DVD and vcr connections. He did a double take, picked up his little chair, placed it righ in front of the tv and said "Watch Dora". Daddy is tired of Dora and so is mommy, but it kept him busy for a while while we got the other tv set up. We just need 2 more dvd players, as the combo dvd/vcr the vcr does not work anymore and the dvd player in the girls room does not work. I think 4 tv's is enough, though it will be nice when we decide that we are getting dish network or get the antenna fixed. The same kids movies over and over again are getting old.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good back!

After 3 visits to the Chiropractor and icing my back frequently last weekend, I can finally move without pain. Yeah! Just in time for me to start nesting and decrap the house before Rosalie is born, due in 2 months. :)