Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas was weird.

It was really quiet with just 11 of us here. My parents van has developed major problems. They can not afford to fix it now, and we can not afford to help them, so they stayed at their house in NY for Christmas. We did see everyone except for 1 brother at my parent's 50th anniversary party in September, but it would have been nice to see them again. Maybe next year? Spring or summer is a much better time to travel between NY and VA. The roads can be interesting on I 81 in PA during the winter.

We ate too much, spent too much money and enjoyed spending time with the kids on our days off. #5's assessment by the psychologist was surprising. She does not think he has aspergers. She thinks he has severe anxiety, brought on by years of teasing/bullying at school. She suggests we home school him or have him study for the GED and go to college next fall. He is almost 14. I think he is too young. The school wants to do a complete child study, or so they told me at the meeting in late December, yet they had cancelled it when I talked to the truancy officer on Wednesday. I am trying to plan our next action. I think the school wants me to pull him out and home school or have him go to another school. Then they don't have to deal with him or us.