Friday, July 11, 2014

I must be crazy?

I volunteered to work overtime this week, from 6 am to 6pm each day. It's nice to have a little extra money, but I would only do this because I work at home. If I have to drive to the office, 150 miles round trip, I would be too tired after more than a day or 2 of 12 hour days. See you on Saturday?

Today is free slurpee day

On 7-11, the 7-11 stores give out free small slurpees until they run out of small cups. I should see if the kids are away and take them during my lunch break?

Very quiet here recently. Other than replacing the pimp motor on both washers and the door latch on one, I have not done much other than the usual dishes and laundry. This evening I am renting a steam cleaner, to clean the cars and upholstered furniture. The kids rarely make their beds, then complain the mattresses smell like the dogs, as they let the dogs sleep with them. ;)