Monday, July 25, 2011

The summer of the missing or destroyed shoes.

Poor #10! So far this summer , in the lst 6 weeks, I have bought her 5 pairs of shoes. Daddy did not see her first pair of shoes she threw in the tall grass and ran over them with the lawn mower. Her sandals and flip flops the dog chewed up, her second pair of sneakers disappeard for over a week, so I bought her cheap sandals. When I asked her where her sneakers were, she stated the dog ate them. Thankfully, that was not the case. One shoe was in the grass by the sandbox. The other one was in the crawlspace under the kitchen. Both were filthy, but not chewed on. Yay, she still has 1 pair of shoes to wear and sandals!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer fun

The heat is not fun, but going out yesterday after the thunder and lightening was over, but it was still sprinkling, was fun. #10 and I went to the garden and I showed her how to pick the peas and eat them raw. We discovered she does not like sweet peas, but thought shelling them was fun. So mommy ate raw peas. What is the point of cooking them, when the kids don't eat them and I like them raw?

Then on to the playground, as it was 82 degrees after the storm, down from 102 before it. The big kids stayed home, wasting time on the pc's or watching tv. I was so surprised to see my friend Kristin there, as they moved to Tennessee several years ago. She said they were visiting in between dropping a child off at camp in PA and going back to get him. It was nice to catch up, as we don't chat as often as we should online. And my godson, her 3rd child, has really grown since I saw him 5 years ago. He must be almost 5 ft tall now and he is 11.

See, going to the playground is a good idea. :)