Friday, July 11, 2014

I must be crazy?

I volunteered to work overtime this week, from 6 am to 6pm each day. It's nice to have a little extra money, but I would only do this because I work at home. If I have to drive to the office, 150 miles round trip, I would be too tired after more than a day or 2 of 12 hour days. See you on Saturday?

Today is free slurpee day

On 7-11, the 7-11 stores give out free small slurpees until they run out of small cups. I should see if the kids are away and take them during my lunch break?

Very quiet here recently. Other than replacing the pimp motor on both washers and the door latch on one, I have not done much other than the usual dishes and laundry. This evening I am renting a steam cleaner, to clean the cars and upholstered furniture. The kids rarely make their beds, then complain the mattresses smell like the dogs, as they let the dogs sleep with them. ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Express Scripts IS A RIPOFF.

I hate our new mail order pharmacy!
They told me recently that any medications that are taken long term have to be filled by their mail order pharmacy or they are not covered. So Hubby's dr faxed in prescriptions for his heart meds to them. We receive a shipment and open it to find out the medicine is full price, almost $800 for a 3 month supply. When I called them and asked why, they stated we had not met our deductible yet. I sent the medicine back, as they have in our file that they are not to fill any prescriptions for over $100 without calling us and getting our permission. They still want us to pay for the the meds, as they did not authorize me to return them. They stated they can ship them back to me, but I have to pay for them regardless. I call BS. I need to get the benefits manager for Hubby's company's contact info? Maybe there is an office in the state government that can help?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

We are truly blessed

I grumble about the small stuff, like bills, common childhood illnesses and house work. A good friends house burnt down this week, a total loss. Mom, dad and youngest daughter were home when the fire started. They were able to save themselves and most of their pets. That was it. Mom is recovering from smoke inhalation in the hospital. They live 3 hours away. I wish there is something concrete I could do to assist them.

Monday, February 10, 2014

My cell phone is possesed?

I picked it up last night to make sure my alarms were set for this morning. All 3 alarms said alarm 1, alarm 2 and alarm 3, not the names I had given them previously. They were off and the time was not selected. It just seems odd, but I reset the alarms and went to bed. This morning, a few of the kids have sore throats, so I grabbed my cell phone and went to call the doctor. All my contacts are gone. Also, I noticed all my text messages have disappeared. Thankfully all my photos are still there, waiting for me to save them all to my removable micro sd card and move them to my pc.

I still have no idea what happened. #3 had my phone Saturday, as his was being recharged when he left for work. I don't think he deliberately changed anything.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas was crazy

I decided to get my hernia repaired a few days before Christmas, as my oldest daughter was here to help while I recovered. Hubby insisted I had to follow the dr orders, no lifting and rest. I was bored! We drove up to NY a few days after my surgery to see my parents. It was not boring there. Between my family and the grandkids who live with them, we had 15 people in their house for a few days. I left 2 kids home, one as he gets really car sick, another as he had to work. #1 has to go back to the Seattle area tomorrow. We're going to miss her! I forgot how much fun she is to have around.