Monday, December 24, 2012

It's snowing

Just a dusting, but the kids are so excited. They want me to find the boots, snow pants, etc. I told them where they all are. They can find their own stuff. I'm working right now and do not have time to go up to the attic. Maybe at my lunch break? (Side note, I had all the winter stuff sorted into various bins before the kids dumped everything in the attic to find the ornaments and toys we took away.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poor Papa

My dad slipped on the stairs last Friday and injured his leg. He had to have surgery and was released from the hospital yesterday. Since they can't come here for Christmas, I thought we could go up New years week. Dang it, I forgot the van needs new tires. Now where do I have $ lying around?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trip to little brother's wedding

It was wonderful to meet his wife and stepdaughter, but the trip to Wisconsin is so long. On the way back, we drove through lots of wind and rain, courtesy of Sandy. If I would have known earlier in the week what the weather would be, I would have left Wisconsin Saturday evening, right after the wedding, rather than Sunday afternoon. Oh well, live and learn. The kids had fun, especially my lego lovers, as Uncle Mike let them build with his legos. They were not allowed to put them away, as he has them organized his way. Once they were done, he had them put all the legos that were out in a container, so he could sort them. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I need to get more organized?

It would be a nice change to know where stuff is before I have to tear a room apart to find something... My kids drop stuff where ever, as do Hubby and I, thinking we will get back to it soon and put it away properly. That never happens. I finally found all the parts for 1 small dome tent, so we could go the the webelos woods last weekend. I have 6 other tents, but only know where the poles are for three of them. :P The 2 cabin tents pole bags are big, so very hard to misplace. The dome tents, the poles hide under stuff. Time to go finish the dishes and sort more laundry. Maybe I'll find the bottom of the clean laundry pile, which covers the dining room table.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I'm losing my mind? Got a $100 bill back as change this am, can't find it anywhere... I thought I put it in my wallet with my atm card, Card is there, no bill. Receipt was still in the car, no cash.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School time

It's really weird with only 1 child at home during the day. #9 started kindergarten last week. He reminded me last night that we need to make sure he gets to school everyday. He likes riding the bus and gets mad if he misses it. ;) Poor #10. She likes the attention, have 2 older siblings to watch only her while I work, but misses having people near her own age to play with. Maybe I will sign her up for preschool this spring?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

They are driving me crazy!

#4 decided to clean her room properly, as we found out the darn cat is pregnant when we took her in to get fixed tuesday. While pulling all the crud out of the closet, she knocked the large mirror that was in her closet on to her foot. It is supposed to be on her dresser, but the wooden brackets and screws to attach it were misplaced 6+ years ago when hubby and his family were cleaning out his parents house in Florida. I could have taken her to the ER, but hubby is not home and the kids are wired as they slept late today. I will call the dr in the am if she is still hurting. She has ice on her foot, took some aleve and is vegging on facebook, her usual occupation. :P

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's hot!

Thankfully we did not lose power last week, like so many others on the east coast. However, when it is already 97 degrees Fahrenheit at 10 am, it is too hot for me. If I get up really early tomorrow, like 6 am, I may be able to go to 7am Mass and still work in the garden for a few minutes. The weeds are over powering my very small garden (6 ft by 15 ft). The tomatoes and cucumbers seem to love the heat. The poor lettuce and carrots are not happy and the sweet peppers are not doing much. They are still about the same size they were when we planted them 3 weeks ago. :P

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Do they always have to argue and fight? Is it a requirement? It's getting old and annoying.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We live in a small town

I've always felt safe in our neighborhood. Someone broke into Ms Betty's old house (directly behind us, like 50 ft from my kitchen windows) Thursday afternoon/early evening and stole some cash and a few small items. Laura told the police she saw a few teenagers walking down the road with some money and jewelry in their hands, no one older noticed anything. No one wants to get near my dogs, especially Honey (part pit bull, sounds really mean). I told the neighbor if we ever see anyone around their house when they are not home, I can let the dogs out, as that should scare them off fairly quickly. My dogs love the neighbor, he fed them hotdogs, steak, etc to get on their good side.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I would have said boys, but I bet my 7 yr old daughter was involved in the latest mayhem. Some one had the idea to place long pieces of lumber with one end between the bottom porch railing and floor and the other end cantilevered out into the yard. While they were jumping on them, they moved a post base close to 3 inches, far enough that the end was hanging off the porch floor. These are the 6 by 6 8+ft long posts that hold up the porch roof. Thank God for good friends with house jacks and enough experience to jack the post/porch roof back up, bolt the metal base back to the floor and drop the bottom of the post into it's base. And we wonder why my hair is turning gray. :P

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Kittens.

They found 2 approximately 3 week old kittens at #5's school yesterday. They took them to the vet, and one of the teachers took them home to syringe feed last night. I offered to bring them to my house, as we have a momma cat and 5 now one month old kttens, courtesy of my neighbors. They did not bother to get their cat fixed and then did not want her back when we told them she was at our house with her kittens. Hubby brought the 2 kittens home from the school today. #5 rubbed them with a cloth that he had rubbed on momma cat, then put them with the other kittens. She is now nursing 7 babies. Poor tired, hungry momma cat...
The ones that have a lot of white are the new ones, the mostly black with other colors belong to momma cat.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I hate computers!

2nd daughters laptop is acting up, it fails the short dst test,IE hard drive is going. Thankfully hubby bought an extended warrantee when he bought it. Since he used his staples reward card, they could look up the transaction code, etc, as we can not locate the receipt. YAY! We bought the 3 yr warrantee, laptop is 20months old... Insert frustrated comments here...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Taxes, ARGH!

I used to get them done by early February. I finally sat down yestrday, to find I am missing my w-2, the 1099's from the credit union, etc. My companby is emailing me a copy of my w-2, I asked the credit union how to access the info on their website. Is it bedtime yet?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Poor Blakely, the runt kitten

I found him dead under momma cat Tuesday. I'm not sure why he died, maybe he did not get enough to eat, maybe she smothered him accidentally. We went to bury him, the kids though they saw him moving as we added the dirt, so they dug him up and insisted that we take him to the after hours vet clinic to make sure he was dead. Yes he was. I was certain he was dead, he had not moved for hours and I could not see him breathing. They reburied him in the yard, under Sara's pine tree she brought home from girls scouts a few years ago as a 12 inch tall sapling. In spite of our neglect and the kids running into it/dogs digging beside it, etc, the tree has grown to 7 ft tall.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I guess #4 was right.

The neighbors cat, who is always at/in my house, was pregnant. We now have 6 kittens and momma cat in #4's closet. After kittens are weaned, I will pay to get mama spayed. I know of homes for 3 kittens, we will have to find homes for the other 3. We already have 2 cats and 2 dogs, that is enough pets for me!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


After months of fighting with the school district, the IEP was finally approved. The psychologist says his refusal to go to school is due to the long term bullying he has endured, which has caused a lot of anxiety. The school district is paying for a private school for him, he is the only 8th grader, out of the 14 students, in the school. The school district supplies the private school with the books and pays tuition. #5 has to bring his own lunch, but they have a kitchen where he can heat stuff up. He is not saying he loves it, but he does not hate it. Progress is good.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I love/hate my new schedule!

I work 4 days a week at home and only have to drive in on Saturday. I save 150 miles a day by working at home. However, hubby and the kids do not believe I am working, as they can see me/know where I am. I have gotten almost all the laundry done. At least I thought it was all clean, until I went into the boys room again. I think I will just pull out the dirty towels and Hubby's socks they borrowed and leave their clothes on the floor. Eventually they will run out of clean things and wash their own?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas was weird.

It was really quiet with just 11 of us here. My parents van has developed major problems. They can not afford to fix it now, and we can not afford to help them, so they stayed at their house in NY for Christmas. We did see everyone except for 1 brother at my parent's 50th anniversary party in September, but it would have been nice to see them again. Maybe next year? Spring or summer is a much better time to travel between NY and VA. The roads can be interesting on I 81 in PA during the winter.

We ate too much, spent too much money and enjoyed spending time with the kids on our days off. #5's assessment by the psychologist was surprising. She does not think he has aspergers. She thinks he has severe anxiety, brought on by years of teasing/bullying at school. She suggests we home school him or have him study for the GED and go to college next fall. He is almost 14. I think he is too young. The school wants to do a complete child study, or so they told me at the meeting in late December, yet they had cancelled it when I talked to the truancy officer on Wednesday. I am trying to plan our next action. I think the school wants me to pull him out and home school or have him go to another school. Then they don't have to deal with him or us.