Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Kittens.

They found 2 approximately 3 week old kittens at #5's school yesterday. They took them to the vet, and one of the teachers took them home to syringe feed last night. I offered to bring them to my house, as we have a momma cat and 5 now one month old kttens, courtesy of my neighbors. They did not bother to get their cat fixed and then did not want her back when we told them she was at our house with her kittens. Hubby brought the 2 kittens home from the school today. #5 rubbed them with a cloth that he had rubbed on momma cat, then put them with the other kittens. She is now nursing 7 babies. Poor tired, hungry momma cat...
The ones that have a lot of white are the new ones, the mostly black with other colors belong to momma cat.


chaotic-nipple said...

Should probably supplement feed the 2 new ones for a while, as well as any of the others that seem to need it. They also make supplements for nursing mommie cats, and this one will need the help.

Mom of 12 said...

Kittens are SOOO cute!

About the Tupperware...
I'm not sure which cups you are talking about. If you have one, tip it over and look at the tiny number on the bottom and email it to me. That is the quickest way to look up any item. Here is a link to my website.


If you order through it then I get credit rather than just some random person you don't know. They will ship the Tupperware directly to your house.
I sure appreciate it!

Mom of 12 said...

My mom loved those old pastel cups. I don't know about the 60s, but they definitely had them in the early 80s. They do hold 16 oz and they are called Pastel Tumblers. They sell them with other items, like your Dalmatian one. But now they have Princesses, Lightning McQueen, and Fairies. You can buy a set of six white ones with a sunburst on them including flip-top seals for $35. If you go to my website on the post I sent you yesterday you can look for It's A New Day Spring Tumblers.