Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rotten appliances!

The darn dishwasher died. It was 32 months old. I called costco and asked if they knew how long the warrantee was in effect. They told me if I wasn't happy with it, to return the dishwasher. I woman-handled it out to the van and brought it back to costco. They gave me a costco cash card for the entire purchase price. Unfortunately, they do not have dishwashers in the stores right now, so I have to order one off the website. It will be $100 more than the original one was, with shipping. Yeah!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

You are a sneak! They calculate life expectancy of dishwashers on about 4 loads a week - I am willing to guess you do upwards of 14 on yours. So, technically, it was 80 months old (that's right - almost 7 years old). Good thing they didn't ask how much you used it!

I do these sort of calculations all the time, can you guess?

Damama T said...

Wow, and I had to threaten to go all Damama on Lowe's butt to get them to replace one that I'd only had in the house for a month! Maybe we should start looking at Costco a little closer!

HI! I popped over from Kalynne's. I've seen you around, but have never made it here 'till now. Can't wait to look around a litte, so TTFN!

Kalynne Pudner said...

So glad to see you here on Blogger! I tried to comment on your LJ once, but I am a babe in the woods over that-a-ways.

Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me! (I'm still thinking of your friend whose MIL is Mary Kay Clark. Wow. I never used Seton myself, though I know plenty of people who did...and only one who ever finished the year's assignments. [I think it's the "Mythical Homeschooling Families" post.] The pressure on your friend to be such must be tremendous.)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Ah, I-66 eastbound; I know it well. I used to live in Fauquier County. I'm deducing that you live in the same town as the Clarks (don't want to name it for reasons of your privacy); we probably know a bunch of the same people!

I cannot imagine the stress of that commute, both of you, with no other drivers.

mommeeof9 said...

Kaylynne- Hubby is in a vanpool, so he rarely has to drive in. I work the weekends, so I only have to pay for a sitter 2 days a week.

Somehow, the homicidal/suicidal/maniacal drivers of the leased van they use for commuting have done something major to the van's transmission. Hubby has to drive this week, so he should be real tired and crabby by friday. My week is over tonight. Next week shhould be crazy, as hubby decided to sign 3 kids up for little league and then found out the practices are at 5 pm monday and Friday evenings. I guess I'll be changing my workdays, as hubby doesn't get home until 5:30 or 6 pm most evenings. My boss doesn't care which weekdays I work, as long as I am here on the weekends to answer the phones.

It drove me crazy to try and teach from Seton's lesson plans. There was too much to get done beyond the normal housework and childcare.

We probably do know the same people. If you were in Fauquier county, you probably met my friend Kathy? I think they went to mass in Warrenton, though weekdays the boys and mom come into St Johns for mass. She works for Seton on the lesson plans for special needs kids.

suburbancorrespondent- Costco guarantees you will be happy with your purchase, and if you are not for any reason, just return it for a refund. They do not ask how often you use it. We do at least 2 loads a day.

My oldest 3 at home are getting pretty good at hand washing dishes. Once we have the taxes done, tomorrow evening, I will know if we can afford the new dishwasher, as I used the costco gift card to buy groceries. The only carry dishwashers before Mother's day and before Christmas in their warehouse. I have to order the new one online.

Damama t- We have the executive mebership at costco, as they give us 2% back. It's $100 a year for hubby and I to have memberships. We get at least that much back every year. However, they are an evil place to go if you are trying to stay to a budget or diet. The large pack of Oreos is cheap, though we don't need them, and they will be gone in an hour.

Damama T said...

OREOS????? POUR ME A BIG GLASS OF MILK. I'll be there before it can get cold! xoxoxo

mylhibug said...

Hello, just thought I'd drop by and say HI!!

Costco is cool about being able to return things, however, I have a Sam's Club which is way closer to me so I don't use Costco too much. The executive card is a great deal, especially for the eleven of you. I wish Sam's had something similar - maybe they do, I'm not sure because we are actually piggy-backed on my in-laws membership.

Those Oreo's would be gone before I got the car unloaded. My kids have the quirky ritual of eating ALL of the snacks, on the first day that we have them. So, I sneak out and buy my own... shh don't tell. :)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my sexist joke/list, I'm usually a little more above the board. Usually. :)

Jill said...

We also have the executive membership. Were you aware that if you get the American Express card through Costco, that you can get even more cash back?
The only bad part about getting the rebate checks fom Costco is figuring out how much money you actually spent there over the past year.

mommeeof9 said...

Jill- we plan to buy at least 1 new window ac at costco each year. We finally have enough so the house is tolerable, but not cold, after 4 years. Those and the dishwasher were major purchases in recent years.

I don't think my purchasing my 2006 Camry with the costco discount was figured in the rebate, or we would have gottena lot more back in 2006.

mylhibug- I think wives have an interesting view of wwhat spouses do or don't do around the house. Hubby keeps the kids alive and fed while I'm at work. The kids even sweep and wash clothes and dishes. Though I can do all those things and work all day and not complain about how I worked all day and now I have to take care of the kids, wah!

HRH said...

Very cool that Costco took it back. We are Costco addicts here too.

Thanks for stopping by!