Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday morning was exciting!

I drove Hubby up to the commuter parking lot, as he did not realise his license had expired until he took Anne in for her road test on Saturday. He was not able to get the documents from the safe deposit box in time to get a new one. Of course, with the holiday Monday, he had to wait until today to go to the DMV at work to get a new one.

I dropped him off, then circled around the parking lot to exit. A car backed right into my front bumper as they were trying to leave a parking space. No major damage noted, but I brought the car down to the body shop to make sure nothing in damaged in the bumper, etc. I think Rosalie is fine- no worrisome symptoms yet. Maybe I should call my OB/gyn to see if they want me to come in?

The bodyshop said to replace the bumper cover and repaint it, it would be $700. There is no way I'm going to charge someone that to repair a 12 yr old car that already has dings in both bumpers from when mIL owned the car. If it had been my 2006 Camry or Van, I would have gotten it fixed.

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