Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been a long spring already

2 of my big boys were recently diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. It was a very surprising diagnosis, as I did not realise they were "different". I just thought they were introverts, shy like me. The counselors think they have aspergers as they do not interact with classmates/peers and really only talk to teachers and family members. They are both very intelligent, and get good/great grades, aslo a sign of aspergers. The counselors will be working with them to teach them how to carry on a conversation and how to read facial expressions and body language. My doctor said people with aspergers are usually more intelligent than average and that some very famous people, like Bill Gates, are though to have it. It hasn't stopped him from his dreams.

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16 blessings'mom said...

Sometimes we don't see things in our children because we are with them so much, and because we love them so much no matter what. One of my daughters is in college, and has been learning about the autism spectrum and Asperger's Syndrome. She insists my 14 year old has it, and I tend to agree with her. He is totally and absolutely obsessed with World War II, he will discuss it with anyone even if they aren't listening. Interesting, isn't it? I wish you the best of luck, finding time to study for that test. I would be in big trouble, if it were me. I am not a good test taker.