Sunday, August 28, 2011

This was an exciting week!

Tuesday, we had a small earthquake. The people who worked in this building on 9-11 when the plane hit we distraught, as the building shook the same way then as it did during the quake. They all self evacuated to the parking lots like we train for. About half of us stayed in the building. Once security determined the building looked safe, we were given the option to go back to the building or leave. Some people left for the day. Hubby said it was gridlock most of the way home. I stayed until my normal time to go home. Why be on the roads unless I have to be?

Hubby was so exhausted I made him call the cardiologist last wednesday (the 24th). We got to her office on the 25th to find out she had sent him a letter asking him to schedule an appointment. According to the 24 hour heart monitor he was on the medicines were not working. He spent the last 3 days in the hospital, as the new medicine she has him on needs to be monitored closely. Too much of the medicine could cause his heart to stop. He is feeling much better today and has some energy. Maybe he will be able to do something when he gets home at night?

The hurrican missed us, we got around an inch of rain and some wind, but nothing like they had near DC. One of my co-workers parked his car a few blocks from his condo, as the parking lot there floods whenever there is a heavy rain. He was soaked when he got home. He was glad he parked where he did, as there was 14 inches of water in the condo parking lot this am.

School starts tomorrow. What exciting things will happen then?

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Mom of 12 said...

The weather can be so crazy! Glad you are safe.