Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boy, I have a headache today

I had an amniocentesis yesterday. The dr said I had to avoid caffeine, drink plenty of water,not lift anything heavier than 25 pounds, etc for 3 days. The lack of caffiene is giving me a headache? I didn't think I drank that much caffiene, only a few cups of strong tea every morning.

The dr thought #10 is a girl, but the amnio will show for sure. Rosalie Arlene? Rosalie was hubby's cousin who died recently. Arlene is hubby's mom.


Jillybean said...

Rosalie is a cute name.
Hope your headache gets better. I think everyone should wait on you.
Did you get all of your "extra" laundry done?

mommeeof9 said...

I brought down 4 18 gallon storage bins already. There were maybe 3 loads of laundry to do today before I brought down some more. As they get dry, since everything is mixed together, I have to sort them, but first need to scrub out and dry the bins. I think there are 10 bins left in the attic. By next weekend they should all be cleaned, sorted and put back in the attic.

Then I can sweep the floor up there, throw down a clean tarp and sort all the toys kids scattered or mixed together for me for me. I try to keep all the duplos in one large container, small waffle blocks in another, big waffle blocks in a third, etc. When hubby gets tired of the toy explosion downstairs, he has the kids throw all toys into bins and take them to the attic. If they are sorted, it is much easier to find the bin of playdough toys or blocks when we want to switch them with the ones down stairs.

We only throw out broken stuff. I still have baby toys that were my oldest daughters and she will be 19 in January.

Damama T said...

Rosalie is a sweet name. The hardest thing about naming babies is figuring out all the things that their siblings and school mates can morp the name into. I can't think of anything too horrible they could do with that one. Can you?