Monday, August 12, 2013

Both washers are dead!

I hate going to the laundry mat. When my old washer started acting up, hubby bought me a new one. The new one, currently 2 1/2 years old, died 10 days ago. The old one was already dead. Sear repair came out to look at both of the washers Friday. The old one, most of the parts were covered under the warranty, I paid less than $200 to get the uncovered parts. I will fix it myself. The new washer, on the other hand, a control board fried. They charged hubby $140+ dollars more for the part than they list the part for on the sears parts website. After an hour on the phone, the techs still could not determine why there was a price difference, but they did agree that they would only charge the price the parts site would charge. We'll see when I get the bill. I think they got tired of my questions. :P If I had been here, I would have been able to question the tech directly. Unfortunately, I was on my way to Massachusetts for one of my favorite Aunt's funerals. She was in her mid 60's. Rest in Peace, Aunt Pat. The world has lost a wonderful person way too soon.

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