Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween was boring!

Usually we have 10 or 12 groups stop by. We had 2 this year. 4 children. Good thing I didn't buy a case of full size bars this years. I got a few bags of the miniature bars and told the trick or treaters to take a handful each. #'s 8 and 9 got into the left overs yesterday morning and finished the candy, plus whatever other candies their siblings didn't put away.

At least I mostly finished #1's costume. It still needed to be hemmed, but I just zigzagged the edges and will hem it later. It is a mideval type gown with over sleeves and a floor length full skirt. It will take a while to hem it. She still wore it, but had to hold up her skirt so she wouldn't step on it.


Damama T said...

Shux! Was hoping for pictures. LOL!

How are you feeling?

mommeeof9 said...

damama_T- I feel almost human again. I'll ask Anne if she can show me how to use her new digital camera so we can get a picture of the dress. If only I could find my gameboy and cartridge for my computerized machine. It makes it so much easier that trying to remember how many stitches per inch to set the machine for stretchy materiel. My gameboy magically walked out of hubby's workshop when we forgot to lock the door one day. No one knows where it went. I refuse to spend $90 to replace the cartridge when the second hand machine hubby found at the fleamarket was $30.