Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We had flurries yesterday. The kids were so excited. Of course, there was no accumulation and the flakes melted as they hit the still warm pavement and grass.

We're visiting our families in upstate NY sometime over Christmas break, but haven't decided just when. There should be snow for the kids to play with. We'll be staying in a warm hotel and not my parents icebox, er, house. It is too cold in the house if the butter you left on the cabinet to soften is still too cold to cut an hour later.

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Damama T said...

Snow here is so rare that when even small flurrys fall, schools are often closed. Heck, people can't drive in the rain much less manage to make their way safely on icy roads! LOL!

I'm glad you are staying in a hotel, too. For more reasons than hard butter. It will be a much more restful and peaceful time for you if you don't have to deal with a housefull of critical family members giving your growing tummy the semi-evil eye. ;o)